Services and Rates

All services include a free in home meet and greet visit. Your pet sitter will ask you several questions about your pet and get your human information too.

A key or garage code will be issued the day of the meet and greet if services are accepted.

  • Payment is due at the end of each working week or at the end of a day’s service.
  • Vacation payments are due prior to first visit.
  • We do not charge more for (3 or less) additional pets.  Four plus pets require an additional $3 per pet.
  • There is an additonal charge for extra time spent with your pet.

Although your pet is at home, for the safety of your pet and our pet sitters, rabies and DHLP
shots are required.


Mid-Day Dog Walking

For the pet owner that works long hours or is planning a day on the town, your pet has needs too! Schedule a mid-day visit for your pet to stretch his legs with a short walk and potty break. This service is helpful to burn off energy for all dogs but great for puppies and seniors.

Vacation Pet Sitting

For many pets kennels can be stressful. Your pet may be most comfortable in their own surroundings. Feel confident while you are on vacation that your pet is in good hands! Up to four visits per day your pet will receive the upmost attention and care possible.


Puppies, puppies, puppies can be a handful and require a lot of attention. Schedule 1-2 visits a day for a potty break and some basic lessons in manners. You will come home with a smile knowing your puppy has not pottied in the house or eaten your new pair of shoes!

Pet Taxi

Waggin Tails will take or pick up your pet from the groomer or veterinarian.

Poop Patrol

We will take care of your dogs waste so you don't have to!

Overnight Stays

This is for clients that feel more comfortable knowing someone is with their pets during the entire night.



Mid-Day Visit: $16.00 per 12-15 minute visit
  • Walk/potty break
  • Fresh water
  • Treat
Vacation Visits: $18.00 per 30 minute visit (1 hour visit $25)
  • Walk, playtime, TLC
  • Feeding/medication (at no additional charge)
  • Fresh water
  • Brushing/massage
  • Bedtime treat
  • Mail, trash, light adjustment
  • Recommend leaving a radio or tv available for daytime listening. It is proven to relieve stress.
Puppy Visits: $21.00 per 30 minute visit 
  • Release of energy walk
  • Potty break
  • Feeding/fresh water
  • Basic manners: sit, stay, come, shake
  • TLC


Visit: $15.00 per 10-15 minute visit
  • Feeding/fresh water
  • Clean litter box
  • Medication
  • TLC

$25 per trip.

First time visit $25
Once per week $15.00
Twice per week $25.00

Based on client needs. Please call or email for more information.