Some nice words from our clients.

We are a family of dog lovers! Having someone that can fall in love with our extended family members is a must.  Jami Graves of Waggin Tails is our trusted resouce for our pets!  As someone who travels for business, my schedule can change very quickly due to flight changes, weather delays or meeting changes. I never panic when I need to call, text or email Jami to advise her that I have to make changes in our pet care arrangements.  Recently while we were gone, it snowed. Our little female dog is old and deaf and hates snow. Jami actually shoveled a clear area in the back yard for her to get out and take care of her business. That is taking service to a whole new level! Please consider using Jami's amazing services for the care of your beloved pets!

- Nancy Mathes -2015 (client of 2 years)

We highly recommend Jami to take responsibility for the care of our pets! Before I found her, we boarded our dogs until we saw the impact of concrete floors and long spans of time without human interaction.

Jami cared for our Neapolitan Mastiff as she battled leukemia for the final three years of her life. She is currently tending to Boots, our two-year old Mastador with special needs.

She has lovingly fed, entertained and exercised our dogs so expertly that we never worried about them when we were gone. Furthermore, upon returning, Jami has a detailed log of activities. (With prior permission, she even takes Boots on outings). Our home is in perfect order when we return because Jami pays attention to details and even cleans up dog tracks.

However, most remarkably, the best testament to Jami's care is our dogs' reactions to her. When she stops by–even when I am out playing with the dog–Boots takes off running toward her van with her tail wagging. I even have to bribe her to get her away from the van. (Our Neo had the same reaction, but not with other visitors). They were and are always happy to see her and we feel she was the find of the century!

- Dr. Tom and Louise Moretto -2013 (client since 2006)

Jami is more than a pet sitter, she is like family! Garrett and Stella (dogs) are always so happy to see her when she stops by to visit. Their tales are crazy waggin! Even when Jami isn't working, she may stop by the house and she fills up their water bowls.

My girls have a Guinea Pig that Jami holds and gives lovin to while we are away from home. The cage is always tidy and clean when we return!!! Big bonus!!!

Screamer's litter box is equally as clean and tidy upon our return home. Double bonus!!!!

Jami comes highly recommended by myself and my kids. We wouldn't think of boarding our dogs anymore.  She treats our zoo like her own!! Jami is loving and playful with our animals. She's a gem!!!!

- Lisa Lyon -2014 (client since 2010)

Jami has been helping me with my two very challenging German Short Hair sisters for the last 3 ½ years. I highly recommend her for your pet needs.
I have issues with my girls pulling very hard during walks.  I also have problems with them posturing.  Jami kept trying until she found the best collar for them and helped teach them to walk in a controlled manner. Because of her we were able to start walking our dogs and enjoy it!. 

My dogs are family and she has always treated them the way I believe she would treat her own. My dogs know when I say “Ms Jami is coming” that it is going to be a good day. 

I do not board my dogs as it proved to not work for me. I trust Jami completely with my pets and I know you will too! 

 - Stephanie Ragan -2015 (client since 2012)