Yard Scoop

A Fresh Finish to Your Vacation

Our Yard Scoop Services

Make the return home from vacation as enjoyable as the trip, by coming home to a clean yard.

That’s why we offer our Yard Scoop service, an optional add-on for just $25. While you’re away, our dedicated staff will ensure that your homecoming is met with a fresh and clean yard. We’ll take care of the less glamorous part of pet ownership by scooping your pet’s waste, allowing you to come back to a pristine outdoor environment. With Yard Scoop, you can enjoy your vacation to the fullest, knowing that your home will be as welcoming as ever upon your return.

Come Home to a Clean Yard

Ending Vacation on a Clean Note

Say goodbye to yard scooping right after vacation and enjoy the last moments of your trip. Our Yard Scoop service is not just about a cleaner yard; it’s about providing you with a delightful homecoming. Let us take care of the dirty work so you can focus on the joy of reuniting with your pet.

Yard Scoop

Waggin Talks will perform a yard cleanup towards the end of your vacation or trip.


Time Needed

We offer flexible pricing on request for additional time needed beyond our standard services.

Per Request

Client Testimonials

"Waggin Tails is an excellent company, providing both daily walks and vacation visits. Our dog, Lucy, gets terrific lunchtime walks from the ever-reliable walkers, who shower her with affection and provide detailed feedback to us. Their friendliness and professionalism mean we are always happy to trust them with our pup."

Jeremy Bell

"Jami is more than a pet sitter, she is like family! Garrett and Stella (dogs) are always so happy to see her when she stops by to visit. Their tales are crazy waggin! Even when Jami isn't working, she may stop by the house and she fills up their water bowls. Jami comes highly recommended by myself and my kids. We wouldn't think of boarding our dogs anymore."

Lisa Lyon

"Sam, is a rescue and has always had some anxiety when he sees our suitcases out. But ever since we’ve started using Jami he has been much calmer when we leave. He loves the walks, playtime and the many treats!! Our kitty, Harriet, shares the same love for Jami, as well. She loves their playtime, the treats, and her clean litterbox!"

Karisa Reichard

"I am very happy with the services of Waggin Tails. The software makes scheduling easy! They provide wonderful pet sitters that care for the needs of my dog. "

Liz Hagerman

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Our 15 part-time pet sitters have been hand-picked to ensure our clients receive the utmost service and care for their pets.


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